Close your eyes and imagine a spindle, the width of a hair, spin on its own for ten days, 24 hours a day. 10 unruffled days during which, every second, hundreds of 3D datapoints are created. 240 hours, night and day, during which everything is done to engrave more than 100 million datapoints*, without a single error allowed. This exclusive result stems from a meticulous and long process, where the wood, the temperature, the humidity, the tools, the calculations, and the timing of billions of electrical impulses must be mastered on the day of the launch. Afterwards, one can only discover with great impatience, little by little, the emergence of infinite details. Each calculation includes the earth's curvature to guarantee our realistic accuracy. If it is necessary to protect the wood from direct exposure to sunlight, our artworks require no maintenance and are guaranteed against any defect for 2 years. Do not hesitate to suggest your region and come "see".


« time, finesse and patience ... an Art »

Eric Marguet


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